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Graphic Design

The right design and Packaging "adds Value" to your product.

Digita Editing                                                                                                                                                                                          Graphics is one of the most important elements of production and our skilled professionals know all the tricks of the trade to ensure a successful print production. With an eye for detail our graphics team provides clients a smooth transition from computer art to production film to digital output. Our designers are experienced with nearly every desktop publishing program and can help you with layouts, templates, file conversions , proofs and more. Like the rest of Andes our graphic professionals are always willing to the extra mile for our clients.

ital Recording

At Andes Productions you can be assured that all the details will be taken care of and we will deliver you the best possible design at the best possible prices.

Our “professional designs” include:

  • CD's, Sleeves, Entrapments, and Cases
  • CD's, Sleeves, Entrapments and Cases
  • Brochures, Folder and Handouts 
  • Business Cards and Stationary
  • Ticketing/Labeling
  • Promotional Kits
  • Websites  

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