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Here at Andes Production we thrive on making your business better. We offer a variety of services that will help make your life easier and your business more professional. Whether you need recording services, media duplication, or fulfillment options, we’re here for you. Check out our all we can do for you.

Recording Studio

Our recording and editing services include:

Digital Editing

For the best fluency of sound digital editing is the best in the business. You will be amazed at how clean these edits will be. Digital editing also helps prevent generation loss, keeping your sound as clear as the day you recorded it.

Digital Recording

Digital recording offers not only the best sound quality, but also the greatest usability. Editing is a snap, and you can convert digital sound recordings into nearly any format with the greatest of ease. Digital recording also eliminates magnetic noise.

CD & DVD mastering

With our CD & DVD mastering option you can get physical copies of all your recordings on CD, DVD, or both. Get one copy or one thousand copies—it’s all up to you. With a digital master you can create countless copies without diminishing the quality of the original.

Any type of audio recording

We pride ourselves on the wide range of options we provide our customers. From studio recording and phone recording to our convenient on-site recording option, just ask; we’ve got it.

On-site digital recording

Need us to come to you? No problem! Whether it’s a presentation or a live performance, we’re happy to bring our equipment to you. We understand how important the right place and time can be, and even outside of the studio, we still offer the highest quality recording.

Conference call recording

Tired of taking furious notes during conference calls? Need the information to be available to employees not present? Try recording your conference calls and see how easy referencing them can be—especially when you group it with our transcription service. Stop worrying about taking down all the statistics and notes, and just sit back and focus on the discussion.

Transfer audio or video from any format to any format

Do you have priceless videocassettes, filmstrips, and cassette tapes sitting in storage deteriorating? Transfer them to CD or DVD for easy enjoyment and safekeeping. We can transfer old cassette recordings to compressed mp3 files, or old VHS tapes into DVDs that can be viewed on most computers—and much more.


Want to find a specific statistic from a presentation? Scanning text is much easier and faster than scanning a sound or video recording. Make sure you take advantage of our transcription service for easy reference; you’ll be glad you did.

Media Duplication

Our affordable, high quality duplication is unbeatable. We offer full service duplication services, including same-day duplications of CDs and DVDs, mass duplication, and cassette and VHS duplication. For quantity and quality, come to the experts at Andes Productions.

  • Same-day services:
  • CD-R duplication
  • DVD R and DVD-R duplication
  • Other duplication services:
  • Mass CD & DVD duplication (1000 )
  • Cassette & VHS duplication

Our fulfillment options are unlimited.

Packaging & shipping
Avoid the hassle and chaos of trying to put things together at the last minute. Our Packaging & Shipping option is the most convenient and stress free way to get the product you want. Just place the order and we’ll package it and ship it right to you.

Shipping only

Do you like to be in control of putting things together? Need to save a little money? Choose shipping only and the rest is in your hands.

CD & DVD packaging
Need help assembling your new media? We can take your cases, printed material, CDs and/or DVDs and assemble them for you. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get your product ready to go.

Presentation kits
Preparing for a big presentation? Our presentation kits are a hassle-free way to make your presentation look and feel top notch. You will blow them away with professional flip charts, CDs or DVDs, and brochures, without wasting precious preparation time putting it all together yourself.es

Distributor kit packaging
Distribution can be stressful and time consuming, let us help with our convenient distributor kit. We can combine CDs, DVDs, brochures, registration forms, information forms and more into a professional and ready-to-go distributor kit.

Product assembly & shipping
When you receive your product, you want the project to be done, not just beginning. Save yourself a lot of time and energy; let us assemble your product for you. We’ll put all the pieces together and ship it to you, ready to go.

If you want to give your CDs and DVDs that final, professional touch, as well as protect them from your basic dust and moisture problems, shrink-wrapping is the way to go. Shrink-wrapping is a great, cost efficient way to give your CDs and DVDs that wonderful finished look.

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